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Fall 2013 Thanksgiving and Winter Break Baskets

In these uncertain and challenging times, it takes a community of compassion and hope to not only survive, but also to thrive. You all have proven time and again to be people of hope and we are grateful for that.


Thank you to all the folks in the community who donated to the food baskets for the spring, Thanksgiving, and winter seasons of 2012-13. We were able to provide over 530 baskets to our families last year. We would like to share with you what this means in dollars, time, and compassion. The average value of baskets donated or produced was approximately $100/basket, which equals $52,500. The average family size of four equals 2,120 people served last year. Approximately 26,000 pounds of food was distributed. The volunteers who gave generously of their time totaled over 400 people…students, staff, faculty, community members, offices, departments, residence halls, local businesses, and churches. The love and kindness distributed…priceless!


We are looking at the challenging prospect of having to purchase and distribute food baskets for the Thanksgiving and Winter 2013 season, and we hope you can help once again. We are committed to providing food baskets to all those who need and request them, and we need your help to do this. We are including a donation form, as well as a suggested food list.


Requests for Thanksgiving food baskets will be accepted until Monday November 18th, donations will be accepted until November 25th, and baskets will be distributed on November 26th.


Requests for Winter food baskets will be accepted until Friday December 13th, donations will be accepted until December 17th, and baskets will be distributed on December 18th.


We gratefully accept financial donations, gift cards to local supermarkets, and non-perishable food items at any time to supplement the baskets. Checks can be made payable to the Cornucopia Food Pantry, and all donations are tax deductible.

If you would like to make a donation please see our donation page for suggestions. We are constantly trying to determine how we can better serve our community, and we welcome your ideas and suggestions. Peace to you and your loved ones and let us know if we can help at all in any way We are grateful that you are a part of our community.

Volunteers Needed

We need action Heros and Sheroes for our food rescue Operations! Help us get food to those in need with pick up At local Businesses and staffing weekend hours for Fresh food to be served to customers! Food and justice for all!


We are always in need of volunteers and any contribution is greatly appreciated and welcome. Use our "Ways to Help Out at Cornucopua Food Pantry" flyer to learn how you can help and who to contact. Should you ever have any questions please feel free to email Cornucopia at the Waysmeet Center at any time.

Waysmeet Center Volunteers

The Waysmeet Center is always in need of help. See our flyer on all the many ways you can volunteer at the Waysmeet Center.

Food Rescue Programs

The Cornucopia Food pantry is active in growing its Food Rescue/Food Recovery programs. Food Rescue (Aka Food Recovery) Food rescue, is the


"practice of safely retrieving edible food that would otherwise go to waste, and distributing it to those in need. The recovered food is edible, but often not saleable. Products that are at or past their "sell by" dates or are imperfect in any way – a bruised apple or day-old bread – are donated by grocery stores, food vendors, restaurants, and farmers markets. Other times, the food is unblemished, but restaurants may have made or ordered too much, or may have edible pieces of food (such as scraps of fish or meat) that are byproducts of process of preparing foods to cook and serve. In addition, food manufacturers may donate product that marginally fails quality control or that has become short-dated."


The Cornucopia Food pantry is proud to be expanding our food rescue operations, and is very grateful to the following local businesses for their generosity in helping Cornucopia "feed the masses."

We are perpetually in need of volunteers to help with this aspect of our operation. Please contact us if you can help us out!

Cornucopia Free Market

We have been blessed to receive a regular weekly donation from the new Trader Joe's in Newington. That donation, combined with other food rescue operations and NH Food Bank donations, provides food to keep our shelves reasonably well stocked.


Some of the food needs to be distributed quickly, and in response to that need, we are starting a weekend "Cornucopia Free Market."


Each Saturday and Sunday we have fresh food available for distribution from 11-12 each day. The regular food pantry will not be open those days, but we will have fresh food that needs to be distributed available on a first come, first serve basis.


Please come check out what is there and enjoy some wonderful nutritious and healthy food!

Welcome to New Members

Emily Dickman is our Program Coordinator this semester and is a Social Work and Women's Studies major. Among other things she is the weekly food pantry coordinator, the event coordinator, and manages the daily volunteers in the Waysmeet Center. She can be reached for general volunteer or program inquiries.

Catherine Lee is the Food Basket Coordinator for the semester and is organizing the creation of the Thanksgiving and Winter Food Baskets, which assist over 200 families each season. Catherine is a Sociology and Geography major with a Race, Culture, Power minor. Catherine can be reached about volunteer opportunities or food basket donations at

Justine Seymour and Julia Credendino are our Nutrition Specialists for the semester. Both Julia and Justine are Nutrition majors. Together, their focus is on food rescue in our community, as well as promoting health and nutrition within the pantry. Julia can be reached at and Justine can be reached at with questions or comments about nutrition and the pantry.


Please see our list of ways to help at the Cornucopia Volunteer page and or contact the Waysmeet Center for volunteer opportunities.