Our Mission

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"This is a no-questions-asked, inclusive environment; no identification or forms are required."

Cornucopia’s mission is to provide food and other support to all, including UNH students, staff, faculty and their families. We do so with love, compassion, respect, non-judgment, hope and a belief in abundance. Cornucopia understands the high cost of living and makes an effort to offset some of these costs. Anyone in the seacoast area is welcome, and no forms of identification or paperwork are needed. Cornucopia feels that it’s important to allow individuals to shop for themselves, as apposed to receiving a small arrangement of pre-bagged food. We believe all people have the right to fresh and healthy food, so that is what we strive to maintain.

Cornucopia runs food basket drives every Thanksgiving, holiday season, and spring. We are always looking for help and donations. Visit our volunteer page for more information on how you can help.

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