Donate to Cornucopia

photo of Cornucopia volunteer and food donations

General Donations

Cornucopia Food Pantry welcomes donations any time of year, no matter how small or large. We are grateful for anything that can be spared so that we can help our community members in need. Donations may be dropped off at the pantry during our operating hours; outside of those times, donations can be left in the donation bin located just inside the front door of the Waysmeet Center at 15 Mill Road in Durham.

We have compiled a list of generic suggested items that our patrons use regularly and could always benefit from having. We can always use fresh foods, particularly things like onions, carrots, potatoes, spices, herbs, flour, and sugar that won't go bad in a day or two. We also have freezer and refrigerator space at the pantry, so donations of perishable items such as juices, meats, eggs, and frozen foods, are also welcome. Non-food items, such as paper products, household items, and personal hygiene items, are especially useful as these products are in constant demand. Gift certificates to local markets, including Durham Market Place, Market Basket, and Hannaford's, are also welcome and appreciated, as are monetary donations. We accept cash donations and check donations made payable to "Cornucopia Food Pantry" or "United Campus Ministry".

Monetary Donations

The Cornucopia Food Pantry, in conjunction with the United Campus Ministry, graciously accepts monetary donations of any amount made through our online, secure PayPal system. One hundred percent of these donations are used toward our programs ansd services. Your contributions help buy food baskets for hungry community members, support student outreach and learning opportunities, and build community through the sharing of community meals. To make a monetary contribution to Cornucopia, please click the button below:

"Donate" button

Food Basket Donations

During the fall and winter holiday season, as well as for Earth Day in the spring, Cornucopia hosts food basket drives to raise donations for local individuals and families struggling during these times. These baskets provide wholesome and nutritious foods and other needed items for our community members, and we need your help to put these baskets together and get them out to those most in need. We have compiled a suggested items list/submission form for fall and winter and a suggested items list/submission form for spring; you can use these forms to build a basket and submit it to Cornucopia for the Thanksgiving, winter holiday, and spring seasons. Also, visit our "Volunteer" page for more information about the food basket project.

Deadlines for requesting, submitting, and distributing the food baskets for fall, winter, and spring are as follows:

  • Fall requests: Accepted until November 18
  • Fall submission: Accepted until November 25
  • Fall distribution: November 26
  • Winter request: Accepted until December 13
  • Winter submission: Accepted until December 17
  • Winter distribution: December 18
  • Spring request: TBA
  • Spring submission: TBA
  • Spring distribution: TBA

If you or someone you know is in need of a food basket during one of our drives, please visit our "Request Aid" page for more information and to submit an Aid Request Form. Please note the deadlines above when requesting a food basket.