Requesting Aid from Cornucopia

photo of Waysmeet Center volunteers packing food

We are committed to helping our community members in need; there are several different ways that you or someone you know can request assistance:

General Requests

Cornucopia receives weekly donations of natural, healthy bread from a seacoast-area bakery; this will be available each week at the food pantry and at the Waysmeet Center, usually on Wednesdays. We also are receiving weekly donations from a local supermarket, and that food is also normally available on Wednesdays. In addition to donations from local businesses, the Waysmeet Center also operates a community garden that was first started in the spring of 2010. The garden provides seasonal vegetables and fresh herbs such as basil, parsley, sage, thyme, and oregano, to Cornucopia patrons. Moving forward, we hope to expand our gardens to provide even more fresh, healthy produce to our UNH and local community members. Please contact us for more information on the availability of our produce.

Deliveries and Pick-Ups

During the Thanksgiving, winter holiday, and spring season food basket drives, Cornucopia volunteers will make scheduled deliveries to anyone who has requsted a food basket. Outside of those drives, individuals and families are welcome to request a food basket, however, anyone requesting a basket will need to either stop by Cornucopia at the Waysmeet Center or make arrangements with us for a delivery. Please visit our "Contact Us" for information about our operating hours and directions to the Food Pantry.

Food Recovery/Rescue Requests

The Cornucopia Food pantry is active in growing its Food Rescue/Food Recovery programs. Food Rescue (also called Food Recovery) is the practice of safely retrieving edible food that would otherwise go to waste and distributing it to those in need. The recovered food is edible, but often not salable. Products that are at or past their "sell by" dates, or are imperfect in any way, such as a bruised apple or day-old bread, are donated by grocery stores, food vendors, restaurants, and farmers markets. Other times, the food is unblemished, but restaurants may have made or ordered too much, or may have edible pieces of food (such as scraps of fish or meat) that are byproducts of the process of preparing foods to cook and serve. In addition, food manufacturers may donate product that marginally fails quality control or that has become short-dated.

The Cornucopia Food pantry is proud to be expanding our food rescue operations, and is very grateful to the following local businesses for their generosity in helping Cornucopia offer its services to those in need within our local communities:

  • Trader Joe's market
  • Hannaford Supermarkets
  • Bagel Works (Durham Shopping Plaza)
  • When Pigs Fly Bakery
  • Durham Marketplace
  • The Beach Pea Co.

Cornucopia Free Market

We have been blessed to receive a regular weekly donation from the Trader Joe's market in Newington. That donation, combined with other food rescue operations and NH Food Bank donations, provides food to keep our shelves reasonably well stocked. Some of the food needs to be distributed quickly, and in response to that need we will be hosting a weekend "Cornucopia Free Market."

Every Saturday and Sunday from 11:00AM - 12:00PM we will have fresh food available for distribution. Although the food pantry will not be open during these times, we will have nutritious and healthy food that needs to be distributed available on a first-come, first-serve basis. We look forward to seeing you there!

Holiday Food Basket Requests

Cornucopia hosts three food basket drives annually: Thanksgiving, the winter holidays, and springtime around Earth Day (April). During these drives, dedicated volunteers from the local community assemble food baskets full of healthy seasonal staples for those members of the community in need of assistance. In these difficult economic times, we estimate that increasing numbers of individuals and families will benefit from these baskets, as changes in our employment structures, increasing costs for students, pressures on our international students, and a variety of other factors make it difficult to make ends meet. If you or someone you know would like to request a basket during one of these annual drives, simply fill out an Aid Request Form and submit it to Cornucopia at the Waysmeet Center. We will make every effort to ensure that those in need receive a basket. If you would like to volunteer to make a basket for one of our drives, check out our "Volunteer" page for more information and instructions.